• Dancer Thaleia G. Dasberg. Photo by Andrea Hillebrand

Murals at Rosemary Square

Rosemary Square teamed with the volunteers at Art Impact Initiative to present a vertical public art exhibit of five murals inspired by the local arts scene. The murals began in August 2019 and were completed, one per month, in December 2019. The inspiration came from our vision to “bring arts to Boulevard of the Arts”. Each mural is based on an arts organization housed within the development including the Sarasota Ballet School, Sarasota Opera, Sarasota Contemporary Dance, The Arnold Simonsen Players Studio, and SOLSTICE Planning and Architecture. The exhibit is showcased on the southern-facing wall along the parking area. View our directory page for a map.

The public is invited to visit and take pictures, hashtagging #RMSQart on Instagram and Facebook. A look at the participating artists and their mural statements can be seen below.

  • #RMSQart Shane, Lumina, and Alya Gay. Theatre mural by Careth Christine

  • #RMSQart Powel Crosley Theatre. Opera mural by Bianca Burrows

  • #RMSQart Pamela Olin. Visual arts/architecture mural by Pamela Olin

  • #RMSQart Dancer Thaleia G. Dasberg. Ballet mural by Truman Adams. Photo by Andrea Hillebrand

  • #RMSQart Model Kathryn Parks. Modern dance mural by Truman Adams. Photo by Andrea Hillebrand

Art wall themes:

Ballet and Contemporary Dance

Truman Adams Ballet

Artist Truman Adams


Truman Adams is a professional freelance artist. He is a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, class of 2000 Illustration Major. Truman’s art career started in 1997 at the age of 19 when he made a vow to only live off his art. His work consists of murals, 3D and 2D street art, portraits, live painting, mosaics, fine art, and illustration. Art has allowed Truman to travel the world; in 2017 he was one of twenty-five international artists who competed for $650,000 in prizes at Dubai Canvas.

Artist Statement

For this first mural, Adams says he’s taking inspiration from the Pietersite gemstone, whose rippling striations remind him of “dancing figures and flowing fabric.” Using his experience in immersive 3D street art and murals, he will utilize the massive concrete canvas to create an “interactive illusion of archways,” with each portal leading the viewer to another scene and another image. His Contemporary Dance mural creates the 3D illusion of a gallery space right on the wall.

“These pieces allow me more creative freedom to accomplish with what I feel is my style and vision of what art is,” he says, of his dual involvement in the project. And beyond that, he’s an artist who believes in the value of public art.
Learn more about Truman Adams at trumanadams.com @trumanadamsart

Art wall theme:


Artist Bianca Burrows


Bianca Burrows is a mixed media commercial artist based in Tampa, Florida. Whether she is painting on a traditional canvas, or crushing massive walls with stencils and a spray can, her work is intentionally customized for each customer. BBArt merges traditional acrylic paints with a variety of unique materials, such as custom-designed stencils and collage paper to create a unique and recognizable style which is best described as refined NY street-art. Her signature approach to street-art is visible in all of Bianca’s pieces. Bianca draws on the inspiration of her clients’ visions and her personal creativity to create these vibrant, crisp, bold pieces. In 2019, Bianca created The Promise Tree Project to give kids a creative outlet and a safe space to work on self-expression through art. Notable clients include Mercedes Benz, Bloomingdales, Refinery 29, Lululemon, Land Rover and the MLB.

Learn more about Bianca Burrows at itsbbart.com @itsbbart

Artist Statement

Named The Flower Duet Wings, this artwork is a rendition of an interactive wing mural influenced by the art and elements of opera.

Photo: Richard Russell, Executive Director of the Sarasota Opera, meets with artist Bianca Burrow
Richard Russell and Bianca Burrows Opera

Art wall theme:


Careth Christine Theatre wall

Artist Careth Christine


Careth Christine Arnold is a freelance artist and muralist. Her works explore the relationships that construct identity between the figure and its dreamed environment.

Careth aspires to catalyze an embrace of environmental sustainability, community unity, and cultural diversity through public art.

An American citizen born and raised in Thailand, Careth moved to Los Angeles when she was fifteen. After high school, she traveled throughout the United States, searching for creative freelance work and her artistic identity. Struck by inspiration, she pursued a degree in Fine Arts at Ringling College of Art and Design, graduating in 2015.

Careth currently lives in Sarasota, Florida, where she paints everything available, works to restore Florida’s wildlands, and enjoys the humidity, people, and flora and fauna.

Artist Statement

“The concept behind it is that it is a theatrical stage of organic life set within Sarasota. It evolves the emotional gestures and routines that we can all relate to. The plan is that the viewer will step into the whimsical set design and create their own addition to the story.”

Learn more about Careth Christine at carethchristine.com @carethchristine

Art wall theme:


Artist Pamela Olin


My art is all about transition. Life has changed in so many ways this year, my work is evolving with me. Making connections is what drives me. The medium I choose to illustrate ideas changes based on how/what I want to communicate, the excitement of working in different media enhances the process.

My painted figure work strives to illustrate a state of being. The silver lines represent the energy that flows through and connects us all.

The Spiral Series of sculpture is all about carving movement out of space. This is me being loose and abstract, evolving. Feeling the cuts and forces that flow around us.
As an artist who works primarily in three dimensions, I am always looking for ways to make art more tangible – yes, please touch!

My teaching philosophy is one of learning by doing. Experience is everything. The exploration of materials and meaning in the classroom as well as the studio should allow self-expression and reflection. Process is integral to the work – the conscious realization of what our hands and minds are capable of producing.

Evolving as a person and making art is a completely intertwined process. The decisions made when making an art object are as important and meaningful as the art piece itself. I encourage my students to experiment with materials, to push their ideas to the limit and to think always about the content of their work.

Artist Statement

“I believe art comes down to relationships, the relationship of occupied space to unoccupied space. Inspired by Mondrian, this work incorporates his love of architecture and commitment to right angles with my own vision of linear references to our beautiful Gulf Coast. With a bit of artistic license, I also include secondary colors with Mondrian’s choice of primaries to expand the color palette and be more inclusive.”

Learn more about Pamela Olin at pamelaolin.com @pamelaolin

Pamela Olin

About Art up

ART UP is an inspired platform built to engage and evolve public art initiatives. As a catalyst for art identity with impact, ART UP—created by Sarasotan Allison Ficken—will have many lives of art initiatives. The first ART UP collaborative project in 2018 was a community mural painting event at the heart of the Rosemary neighborhood. In 2019 the Art Impact Initiative was formed—as a derivative of ART UP–to further propel a visual art community-enhancing identity. When Rosemary Square offered up some wall to showcase more public art, the Art Impact team jumped UP to make it happen. This curated project brings to life an arts-centric exhibit pairing ideal ‘canvas’ walls with an inspired ensemble of talented artists. The result is an interactive multi-mural experience along the aptly named Boulevard of the Arts that delivers AMAZING art impact! #ARTUPsrq